Crypto Sniper

A nice little shortcut to bypass PCS (Pancake Swap). Crypto sniper refers to a quicker method of getting into pre-sales.

Go to Pancake Swap Address here:

Connect wallet.

Go to function 11

  1. swapExactETHForTokensSupportingFeeOnTransferTokens
    Enter BNB amount you will spend. Min 0.1 BNB
  2. amountOutMin (uint256) = Slippage
    Enter 0
  3. path (address[])
    WBNB Contract: Path Address
    0xbb4cdb9cbd36b01bd1cbaebf2de08d9173bc095c,Token Address
  4. To (address)
    Enter Your BSC wallet address: This is mine., Send me BNB if you like!
  5. deadline (uint256) Deadline
    Go to
    Enter time about 10 minutes before opening.
    Change 4th last digit to increase by +1 Example: 1628433727 – 1628434727

UTC Converter:

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