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MetaVerse is the New Internet

Will you belong to one or MetaVerse realities?

You may see some media refer to the MetaVerse as Web 3 as well. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a new industry sector with new markets with in it.

What’s in a MetaVerse?

Decentralized Finance, (De-fi) and Non fungible Tokens (NFT’s), gaming, business, smart contracts, augmented reality, virtual reality. (AR/VR) This is just a small sample of what’s to come to a MetaVerse near you! Stuff we can’t even think of is being developed for a new human experience into a digital world.

Music and art will be huge part of a MetaVerse, along with live events like concerts, and other social gatherings.

The dark side of the MetaVerse

The dark side of the web will also be present in new forms of scams, fraud, criminal activity, and general immorality, such as what we already know. Only more advanced.

The world is made up mostly decent people, so there will be plenty moderation amongst social groups as it is now. You may get kicked out of a MetaVerse if you don’t behave yourself. Just like other social media platforms will temporally bar you from making comments, you may end up in MetaJail.

Will you buy Virtual Real Estate?

Virtual real estate is opening up as new MetaVerse projects come online.

The price of a virtual property in Sandbox and Decentraland are already really expensive so if you have lots of disposable Ethereum on hand you can own some virtual property in some of these existing Metaverses. You can also rent out your property to lease just like you can in the real world.

I think there will be a huge boom in De-fi, NFT’s, Virtual Property, a battle of the metaverses and then there will be a crash. The winners and loosers will fall where they may and the market will sort itself out. VHS vs Beta is a prime example of how things will play out in the long run.

Remember the Dot Com Boom or are you too young?

Just like when the Dot Com boom came in the nineties.

This is history in the making, from dial up modems to virtual reality, paying with cash to tapping our phones. at a self checkout (I don’t).

How will all the Metaverses connect?

Someone will have to sort out a way to travel between each MetaVerse that exists. Para-chains connect different blockchains together. Para-chains slot auctions are somewhat similar to communications companies bidding on a frequency to release wireless services. The government controls the frequencies, while blockchain devs take care of the techie stuff. No need for government interference!

I’m sure there will be a way to cross the plains of the Metaverse into new realities with gatekeeping algo-rythmic troll bots waiting to count your existence into their database.

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