Free Crypto

How to Get Free Crypto

How to get free crypto if you don’t have any money to invest in crypto.

Make sure to have a Coinbase and Binance account.

Coinbase gives you free crypto just by watching three minute videos about the coins. You get paid for each video you watch. This can add up! Once you’re finished watching all the video’s possible you should have a few dollars worth of crypto in your Coinbase account.

For Binance, you need to do a little set up at There you will add your Binance ID number to their system. Watch the videos there and you will receive crypto in your Binance wallet with coins you learned about.

Once you have completed all the videos your free crypto will arrive within a few weeks or so. Coinbase is instant, but with CoinMarketCap you need to wait a little while.

In Coinbase, convert all your crypto into something like Dash or Litecoin because you can’t get BNB (Binance Coin) from Coinbase. Then transfer all your free crypto you converted to your Binance account wallet.

When you receive your free crypto eventually into your Binance account, you can convert all the small dollar amounts into BNB.

You’ll end up with a nice little pile of free crypto turned into BNB that you can use for any other investment strategies. You can even use BNB to use in Smart Contracts on the Binance Smart Chain. (BSC) to make even more BNB!

The new age of spinning straw into gold!

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