Reasons to buy crypto

Reasons To Buy Crypto

Can’t think of a reason to buy crypto?

WARNING >> Don’t use this information as investment advise. << This is what I am doing! – You can do whatever you choose!

Here are some reasons to buy crypto.

The entire crypto market has improved drastically in the last few years. Crypto is Fraud-proof, simple to invest in, accessible and portable.

Another reason to buy crypto is because of privacy, no one can take it from you, it’s great for international trade, and transaction fees are less.

CryptoCurrency is decentralized. The don’t get a cut of your transaction from the merchant. No bank has to be involved for you to make a transaction.

You’re not paying a bank to move money. Banks have employees and buildings with all the associated high costs of running a banking business.

I believe some cryptocurrencies will be very high in value within the next few years. My personal opinion is Bitcoin and Ethereum will be amongst the top gainers. Don’t use me as a reference for financial advice.

It’s easy to loose money if you don’t follow some simple rules.

My personal favorite crypto’s to hodl are Ethereum and Bitcoin – They are the most likely to skyrocket in my opinion.

mark austin- Marx Crypto Corner

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