Crypto progress

With all the chaos in the world, cryptocurrency still manages to make progress and move forward. Opening new exchanges in Africa, Nigeria, and other places that need better monetary systems.

Crypto Corner News: June 6 2020

Virtual Assets Unleashes Retail Cash Reload Innovation for Purchasing Cryptocurrency
Ethereum Transaction Fees Are Still High — and Some Users Want Solutions ASAP
Armoney Recommends Only the Following Cryptocurrencies in India
KoinKoin Announces Full Launch Of Digital Assets Exchange Services in Nigeria
How To Buy Ethereum In Kenya – The Ultimate 2020 Guide
Electroneum Plans To Introduce Electricity Top-Ups Across Africa
XRP Is Primed to Break Dozens of Percent Lower as Textbook Bearish Pattern Forms
If Bitcoin Closes Above $10,500, Expect an Explosive Rally to $14,000: Analysts
Patoshi Researcher Says “Altruistic” Satoshi Will Never Spend His 1.1M Bitcoin
Here’s the Single Factor that Could Trigger a Bitcoin Selloff to $7,600 Share Now!

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