How To Trade Cryptocurrency

Trading Bitcoin

My Personal Strategies for trading BTC & other crypto currencies.

Golden Rules rules for investing in crypto currency

The big three are of course, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP)

The rules are quite simple:

Never invest more than you can afford to loose. Like a night in vegas, you’re there to have fun, not go broke trying to beat the house.

The second rule is is to buy low and sell high. Easy right?

In theory yes it is. But how do you get the knowledge of when to buy and sell?

My specific set of trading rules are of course the two above mentioned rule and then a specific strategy he helps me gain even more Bitcoin.

My Bonus Trading Rule:

Of course I buy lower than the price I sell at, but when I buy again, my goal is to buy lower than the price I just sold it at.

Here are some actual examples of my recent trades using this strategy:

Example 1:

  • Buy $5160.
  • Sell $ 5215
  • Buy $5200 -Sold @ $5297.

Example 2:

  • Buy $5388.
  • Sell $5429.
  • Buy 5271. Sold @ $5360
  • Buy $7900.
  • Sell $ 7990.
  • Buy $7980. Sold @ $8663

So you not only make a little in the initial trade, but when you buy in again at a lower price than your last sell price, you have just increased your buying power!

This not possible on every trade, but it it possible some of the time.

Do this as much as you can and you’ll increase your asset value without having to invest more of your personal money.

As an added bonus, you can always invest an extra ten or more dollars a week into your digital asset portfolio and watch it grow exponentialy in the years to come.

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